Simon Baier

Tsinghua-TAU joint seminar on Realizing Multinode Quantum Networks

The Tsinghua University has invited me to give a seminar on recent advances on Quantum Networks within the Quantum Internet Alliance in Europe at the joint seminar between Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and Tel Aviv University in Israel (video link).

In this seminar, I am discussing recent advances of two promising quantum network platforms, namely Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond and cavity-interfaced trapped ion quantum network nodes. Within the European joint project “Quantum Internet Alliance” we are aiming to demonstrate a real world quantum network with multiple quantum network nodes interconnected via long distances. To this aim we employ several quantum network platforms. On the NV platform in the group of Prof. Hanson in the Netherlands we have built a scalable phase-stabilized three-node quantum network and demonstrate entanglement generation between quantum network nodes that do not share a direct connection. In the groups of Prof. Northup and Dr. Lanyon in Innsbruck we have realized remote entanglement of two 40Ca+ ions located in two separate buildings on the university campus and achieve high entanglement success probabilities up to 3×10-4.