Media coverage of our teleportation paper

Our most recent Nature paper has attracted media coverage all around the world. Below you can find a list of the most important coverages: ORF Der Standard Physics World The New York Times El Pais Le Monde De Morgen New Scientist De Volkskrant

Teleportation of quantum information across a rudimentary quantum network

At QuTech (Delft University of Technology) we have succeeded in teleporting quantum information across a rudimentary network – between network nodes that do not share a direct physical connection. This first of its kind is an important step towards a future quantum internet. This breakthrough was made possible by a greatly improved quantum memory and […]

Tsinghua-TAU joint seminar on Realizing Multinode Quantum Networks

The Tsinghua University has invited me to give a seminar on recent advances on Quantum Networks within the Quantum Internet Alliance in Europe at the joint seminar between Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and Tel Aviv University in Israel (video link). In this seminar, I am discussing recent advances of two promising quantum network platforms, […]

Interview by Schäffler Tomorrow

I have been interviewed by Schäffler Tomorrow on the developement of the Quantum Internet, and tried to give insights on the road ahead. Have a look in the newest issue of Schäffler-tomorrow.

Interview by ORF

Here is an interview on our effort to build quantum networks in Europe based on our recent progress in Delft. To learn more see here: ORF Science interview

Entangling three quantum network nodes

At QuTech (Delft University of Technology) we have built and demonstrated the first entanglement-based network connecting multiple quantum processors. Our quantum network is composed of three independent nodes, called Alice, Bob and Charlie, based on diamond nitrogen-vacancy centres. We achieved proof-of-principle demonstration of two key quantum network protocols: genuine multipartite entanglement distribution across all the […]